Korg Monotribe BD, SD, S-Noise & HH Decay Mod

Here’s an interesting Korg Monotribe mod – a hack to enableΒ BD/SD/SD-Noise/HH Decays.

This came in via the Korg Monotribe Mod thread in the forum, but you’ll want to check out the monomodder blog for schematics and details:

BD and SD Decay can be set with 2K2 log potentiometers. It is very important to add a 300Ohm resistor to it, to avoid a continuous decay, that never stops!

HH and SD-Noise Decay are set by a two way switch that has no connection on middle position and a 5MOhm and 20MOhm on the outer positions. While the resistor value needs to be very high to get acceptable decay modifications, i decided to use switches. The switches have no connection when set to center position, so the original decay value is still available. With both outer positions of the switch shorter decay values are possible.

Got other cool Korg Monotribe mods?

14 thoughts on “Korg Monotribe BD, SD, S-Noise & HH Decay Mod

  1. I'm having a hard time trying to understand why these weren't implemented in the first place. Among other things. There's clearly something to the Mono-series, but the whole concept still feels unfinished.

    Seems to me that the Monotribe would be an essential purchase if it had a decent sequencer in the style of the Silverbox. Add to that a small keyboard (anything but the ribbon, really), a real memory, MIDI and CV inputs and outputs, those knobs for controlling the drum sounds. And all of a sudden it's starting to sound like a great instrument.

    Yep, I would buy that one.

  2. they're made for hacking and i like that about them. i would be happier if the price was a bit lower but i am still impressed with what korg has done here. $200 is cheap compared to some of the ridiculous pieces of gear i have bought over the last 20 years.

  3. I think it's just a tradeoff. You have to keep prices low, so you decide to limit the amount of parts and functionalities you put in it. On the other hand the monotribe is a complete groovebox in itself and can be synced with more monotribes, so some people might think about getting one or two of em more, so they can have bass, lead, … in their jams. I thought about that too. πŸ™‚ And its a really nice thing to jam along with it. And for the ribbon controller. I love it. It's just a little tiny, but the best thing about it is, that you can play vibratos, like on a guitar. And thats very cool to use, when you play some leads with a good portion of delay and other fx.

  4. I feel it is not much a trade off – it lacks most essential functions – but the attempt to gain more money on analogue craze.

  5. While you have a point there… This is a budget synth, and i suspect price wouldn't be as low if things you mentioned would be implemented. What's more to it, there's another group of syntheads, the DIY folk like myself, who really like to dig deep into their instruments and modify them. Since Korg has kindly provided us soldering points and labeled them, i think DIY guys are spot on the target audience. We don't want our gear finished, we want them as starting point πŸ™‚

  6. Monotribe w\ Midi Mod ROCKS!! $250 and $1.25 in parts and this thing kills those 303 DSP ‘Emulators’. Sure, no glide or Accent, but guess what? LFO!!!! LFO INTENSITY!! Who needs a ‘programmed accent!!! Also, using the ribbon for live ‘Gate Time’ tweeking simply COULD NOT BE DONE ON A 303 or any of the comparable emulators. The Drum synth isn’t much, but consider it a ‘freebie’, and who knows, with KORG recently releasing the Drum Synth Schematics on their website (another sign Korg loves Modders), It’s only a matter of time before the analog drums on this thing have some balls. Naysayers will say ‘Neiggggh’…Eat my acid!!! Elbas Basslee: sablerock(at)adelphia.net

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