RetouchReason 2.0 iPad Controller For Reason

RetouchReason, an iPad control app for Propellerhead Reason, has been updated to version 2.0. The updated adds support for all Reason 5 FX devices and Bonjour/ZeroConfig connectivity between your iPad and the computer.

RetouchReason contains TouchOSC layouts to fully control the most popular Reason devices from your iPad, with full bidirectional communication, including text feedback.

Other features:

  • 16 step-sequencer for Kong;
  • note repeat automatically synced to your song tempo;
  • a 1-finger chord tool with 6 memory slots and the ability to save presets to your computer HD;
  • andomize function for the synth patches and the Kong step sequencer; and
  • integration of up to 2 external MIDI devices, like your MIDI keyboard or Pad controller.


  • Windows Vista, 7 and Mac OSX compatible
  • Best with Reason 5
  • TouchOSC version 1.7.2 or later. To transfer the layouts to your mobile device, use iTunes File Sharing capability
  • For Windows users, Midi Yoke to create virtual MIDI ports. Get it here for free. Important: MIDI Yoke won’t install on 64 bit machines. If you are using 64 bit, then you should consider getting LoopBe30 instead.

RetouchReason 2.0 is available now for US $29.00.

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