Ioflow’s Soft Photons

Sunday Synth Jam: Ioflow’s Soft Photons, a monome synth jam.

Technical details below. via ioflow

lightbounce. generative. physics. electronica.

refmatrix generates midi notes when the ball hits an obstacle or wall. renoise sends the midi signals to the plugins, effects, and sounds. grid 1 is assigned to a filtered rhodes soundfont, grid 2 to lo-fi drumkit samples. copious amounts of reverb and calf vintage delay are layered over the instruments and tweaked throughout the track, using the nanokontrol.

audio download:
controllers: grayscale monome 128, korg nanokontrol
application: refmatrix (
production: renoise 2.7
os: gentoo linux

13 thoughts on “Ioflow’s Soft Photons

  1. that's a few hours' worth of sanding. took me an afternoon. i documented it on my journal, with pictures, in case anyone else wants to try their hand at it. 220-grit sandpaper worked nicely.

    thanks for the coverage, synthtopia! i've been a longtime reader. was very surprised (and pleased) to see my video land on the front page yesterday.

  2. Eh, okay. Nice sounds but honest to FUCK I do believe it's impossible for anybody with a monome to create music with any kind of balls.

    Just once I'd like to hear something fucking hard and dirty when using the monome.

    meh. Must be the extreme neo-hippy factor of the device and it's followers.

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