Free Moog VST Lets You Control The MIDI MuRF Pedal From Your Computer

Moogerfooger MIDI Murf VST

Free Music Software: Moog Music has introduced a free software VST controller plug-in for their popular MF-105M MIDI MuRF pedal.

The MIDI MuRF (Multiple Resonance Filter Array) is an advanced combination of two MOOG pedals: the MF-105 MuRF and the MF-105B Bass MuRF. It use an 8 band array of resonant filters with a pre-programmed animation section to create unique sequenced filter effects.

The new MuRF_Controller is designed to let Midi MuRF users control and expand its’ power and capabilities from within their DAW.

Features include:

  • Full automation functionality – use your DAW’s plugin automation tools to create fully automated parameter changes on the MIDI MuRF. Every knob and every filter is now “easily” edited from the MuRF_Controller.
  • Create, recall and save presets – Quickly capture and recall any amazing sound you have created on your MIDI MuRF. Once you’ve discovered a sound, you can easily save it within your MuRF_Controller plug-in.
  • Envelope Scale – Allows you to access a time multiplier for the envelope that “stretches” or “shrinks” the duration of the envelope without changing the envelope shape. Changing the envelope time scale independent from the pattern rate provides a whole new range of sonic effects!
  • LFO Rate – Allows direct access to the MuRF’s LFO speed
  • Staccato and Triplet mode – Allows access to even more creative musical timing modes in the MIDI MuRF

MuRF Controller VST plug-in is a free download from the Moog site for all owners of the MF-105M MIDI MuRF.

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  1. Can use this thing inside the daw on vst instruments? and can i use this thing in ableton for wav(tracks) files when im playng them live as a dj?

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