Native Instruments Kontakt 5

Native Instruments has introduced KONTAKT 5, the next generation of its software sampler.

Kontakt 5 offers enhanced sound shaping through a host of new filters and effect algorithms, time-stretching, vintage sampling modes, and more:

  • KONTAKT 5 introduces a new suite of filters. Ranging from classic analog-style ladder and state-variable models to modern formant filters, some of the 37 new filters also employ the unique new “Adaptive Resonance” concept, which automatically manages the filter characteristics to prevent unpleasant sonic artifacts from excessive resonance peaks.
  • The new “TimeMachine Pro” time-stretching algorithm in KONTAKT 5 enables ‘unprecedented sound quality’ for harmonic solo instruments and similar demanding source material.
  • The effect assortment in KONTAKT has been extended with several key additions that focus on studio-style sound processing.The new “Solid G-EQ” and “Solid Bus Comp” algorithms – derived from the upcoming SOLID MIX SERIES – enable studio-grade equalization and compression, while the separately available TRANSIENT DESIGNER has been integrated into the effect arsenal of KONTAKT in its original form. Additionally, a new analog-modeled Tape Saturator can add natural compression and subtle organic overdrive, while the acclaimed vintage sampling modes from Native Instruments’ groove-production system MASCHINE have been integrated into the feature set of KONTAKT 5 as well to provide additional flavors of charismatic “vintage dirt”.
  • KONTAKT 5 introduces both a powerful new “instrument bus” system as well as KSP-based MIDI file support. While the 16 internal stereo busses with their separate insert chains open up greatly increased routing flexibility, the MIDI file functions in the Kontakt Script Processor enable the creation of advanced types of KONTAKT-based instruments with versatile integrated MIDI playback features, as demonstrated in the upcoming separate KONTAKT-based STUDIO DRUMMER instrument.
  • On top of its 43 GB factory library with its eight separate instrument collections, KONTAKT 5 also includes a free download of the new KONTAKT-based RETRO MACHINES MK2 instrument, which offers an assortment of highly sought-after classic synthesizers complete with vintage-style arpeggiator and chord player, and also takes advantage of the new analog-type filter models.

KONTAKT 5 will be available in September 2011 for $399 / 379 EUR. It’s also available in the Komplete 8 and Komplete 8 Ultimate bundles. Upgrade pricing is available.

4 thoughts on “Native Instruments Kontakt 5

  1. N.I. is always about "the future of sound" yet I have to wonder what can possibly be enhanced in some of their products to make it even sound better ? Better controls and such are nice, but in the end its all about the sound after all…

    Still, this looks a bit underwhelming. 37 new filters may sound nice, but when looking at the specs I can't help wonder if new low pass, high pass and band pass are really that much special.

    Is E99,- worth the upgrade to obtain new filters and 4 new effects? Or would that be better spend to buy some new effects separately ?

    I simply use the players in the form of Komplete Elements (the previous "full" version) yet to be honest I see no good reason to even consider an upgrade. Komplete 7 Elements works fine for me and I truly consider it an awesome product. Best E 99,- I spend on a Komplete product IMO.

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