The Obama Board – Build Your Own Obama Speech

We’ve heard previously that Obama is a synthesizer – but never quite as literally as The Obama Board:

Created by Ashley Lewis, The Obama Board is a new twist on a traditional musical keyboard.

Instead of a musical note, each key, when pressed emits the sound of a word from Barack Obama’s inauguration speech. Press the keys in the sequence of your choice to create you own speech!

via makemagazine

15 thoughts on “The Obama Board – Build Your Own Obama Speech

  1. Further development includes plans for the "I've got a boner for John Boehner" glow in the dark key edition, as well as the already popular pre-order "I just got tea bagged by the tea party…and I liked it.", with harmonies provided by Katy Perry.

  2. Cool. Now someone can make a mix sounding something like this: «We got to change, in change for a change, within a change. Let's change! I believe in a change to change, America. Let's change! Yes we can!». From an european perspective, Obama is a flop. It's the typical self-centered American, which thinks there's his country and the rest is crap. And he barely get's attention from the European media, with the exception when there's something that affect the European markets or wars. America needs a president which should focus not on America problems, but with the rest of the world. But that is asking too much from a country in which the national ethos is getting more, more, become rich and greedy.

  3. Shazam it has got nothing to do with your misguided view of Americans. It has got to do with who is pulling the strings. They could have put a can of soup in as President and the American empire would still be progressing the way it is.
    You want a real enemy. Go for the banks.

  4. The programmer should have started with an easier instrument… say a Bush-speech version and then upgrade to Obama's. A Casio VL-Tone could have worked.

  5. WWI: AAA
    Vietnam AAA
    North k.: AAA
    Cold War: AAA
    Bush Years: AAA
    OBAMA: AA+

    You are giving too much credit to bush for 0bama's failure…

  6. Wow, someone listened to Limbaugh this morning….Its not Obama's failure or success. The fact is you cant earn that rating overnight…it takes years of overspending on Wars (Dubya), outsourcing work (Clinton), giving weapons away (Bush Sr.), being Ronald Reagan (Reagan), not enacting a damn thing (Carter), using public money for personal gain(Nixon)…etc…etc…. We have a terrible system that lets dumb, rich, jackasses play dumb, poor jackasses like puppets.

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