Getting Started With The Beat Thang

Here’s a series of official videos that demonstrate how to use the Beat Thang music production workstation.

Topics covered include:

  • Creating a kit on the Beat Thang
  • Editing on the Beat Thang
  • Exporting Beats from the Beat Thang
  • Effects editing
  • Sampling with the Beat Thang
  • How to mute and solo tracks on the Beat Thang
  • Using the Beat Thang’s sequencer
  • How to timestretch with the Beat Thang
  • Swing and time signatures
The Beat Thang is available now at Best Buy for $1,500.

18 thoughts on “Getting Started With The Beat Thang

  1. I like how the camera cuts to a second angle and depicts the speaker waving their hands for speaking emphasis……waving looks like they seriously don't know what to do…..1500 dollar beat-ma-thang

  2. hahahaha!!!! if they charged the 3 to 400 bucks it was worth, they might have a shot. i can buy a macbook air and an mpd32 for about the same price!!

  3. Them only being able to order 1000 pieces resulted in the last minute 50% price increase, for a box that was already overpriced. The battery power is cool, the 2GB of sample RAM is nice, but what else are they doing that's new or innovative. It's not the software integration aspect, their Virtual Beat Thang is a joke of a program. So I just don't know who the target for this box is. If it's youngsters, they aren't giving you $1500, they're downloading an FL crack and are gonna make some preset trash beats.

  4. I thought of the Tempest as well — if I'm going to drop that much on a drum machine, Tempest is where it would go. This? Not so much.

  5. Totally agree, I could buy Komplete 8 Ultimate, a nice keyboard, and an APC for $100 more than one of those pieces of trash. 1,500 for an MPC that has like 4 more buttons? I'll pass, thanks.

    I hope these guys fall flat on their faces. This thing would be purchase-able if it was 10 times cheaper.

  6. this machine is actually really nice and was supposed to be 900..i paid 900 (not a 1,000) for my mpc 1k and i would rather have this machine its made strictly for hip-hop and has the nice swing the mpc has,has tons of tutorial vids on it,in a full color lcd…BUT them jacking that price is ridiculous if this was 500-700 i would cop it,samples are nice but i would cop Mashine before this,just cus of price…but it is a very solid machine just way overpriced….

  7. Heck ya!
    I use FL Studio on my PC. Works the way I want it, and I can pretty much do the Same Thing…
    Check out my Music at:!

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