The Livid Omni Modular Controller

Livid STS9 Custom Controller

Livid Instruments shared these images with the Synthtopia Flickr Group of a unique custom modular controller, the Livid STS9 Custom Controller.

The unique controller is a Livid Omni Modular Controller with Eurorack enclosure, for Sound Tribe Sector 9.

Livid Omni Custom MIDI Controller

MIDI control modules can be added and rearranged as needed.

Livid Omni Controller

Pricing and availability for this are TBA.

What do you think of the idea of a modular Eurorack MIDI controller like this, though?

11 thoughts on “The Livid Omni Modular Controller

  1. I think this looks awesome! Definetely something I could put in my live rig without having to cover it with black carpets. Would look good on top of my Nord, and there i lots of room for customization, like stickers and stuff, so it looks pretty diy. I suspect it to be pretty overpriced though..

  2. This looks fantastic. I would like a version without a keyboard bed however, the possibilities with that could be endless (and needed since the disappearance of MAWSER.

  3. It looks like a micro version of the analog systems sorcerer…

    make one that is angled with 2 84hp rows (6u), with pitch and mod wheels. Price it under $600 and every modular freak in the world would buy one.

  4. Why hasn't someone thought of the ideal end-all-be-all midi controller solution…now with low-price touch screen laptop computers, please develop a simple MIDI software toolkit to allow the modular freak like me to place and configure virtual buttons, sliders and knobs on a touch computer screen…develop that, and all this next-best-thing hardware mess is over forever…

  5. I will buy this. A 100mm fader module would just be awesome. 120mm, more awesome. 24 faders and a few rows of knobs for me, oh yes. Think of people with their portable recording / FOH rigs. I imagine there’s a heck of a market for this.

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