Who Needs Instruments When You’ve Got A Balloon Synth?

Here’s a fun music video, by Coletivo 4’33“, that explores the sound design potential of a balloon:

One day we had this idea of trying to turn the annoying noises of a child’s ballooon into music, by doing the right treatment.

We captured many samples, making all sorts of noises, extracting the air, hitting, rubbing. And then we edited it into a beat, a bassline and a melody, with the right processing tools.

Keeping up with our great hero, the late John Cage, we always want to remind everyone that everything and everyone has music inside. You just gotta know how to bring it out!

A special thanks to our friends from Celemony, we couldn’t have done this without Melodyne.

Balloon Synth is a creative reminder that everything you hear has the potential to be used musically.

15 thoughts on “Who Needs Instruments When You’ve Got A Balloon Synth?

  1. I used a balloon on my "Creatures From Beyond " collection. You can find it at BandCamp>Atomic Shadow. It's called "Balloon Trumpet."

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