Free Live Rack Based On Infomercial NuWave Oven

Free Music SoftwareAfroDJMac wants to turn on Synthtopia readers to his latest free live rack, Nuwave Oven:

Hello, I’ve created a synth using the electronic beeping of my infomercial sensation NuWave Oven. Not only does it cook great, but it makes a cool synth sound.

Act now, while supplies last!

Download Nuwave Oven before midnight tonight at the AfroDJMac site!

3 thoughts on “Free Live Rack Based On Infomercial NuWave Oven

  1. I appreciate the new instruments, it's always interesting what you choose to use.
    However, in this case, I think I prefer the Timbre of my Sharper Image Superwave convenction-infrared oven, plus the nuwave has those DX7 like controls, where the superwave has those dials 🙂
    (i kid…i kid…)

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