6 thoughts on “Native Instruments The Finger Review

  1. Unimpressive review. What bugs me the most is that he managed to overlook (ignore?) the /key/ feature of the Finger, one which is even -explicitly- mentioned in the official demo movie (see below). Namely; the routing of the effects.

    You don't just hit a lot of keys quickly after each other like he did; that's madness. The Finger was build to allow you to route the output of one effect into the other, up to 6 effects in one chain ('combo'). See 1:45 in the movie below.

    Sorry, but if you review a product and manage to ignore its key feature then that is highly unimpressive IMO.

    [youtube wrj6pkQloJM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrj6pkQloJM youtube]

  2. I agree somewhat with SynthFan… this review makes The Finger look quite unusable… I own a copy and in Rupert's defense it is not the most straight-forward of NI's plug-ins to master, but with time and experimentation you'll get it.

  3. When looking at ur vid I think its funny to hear him say it was made for a pitchwheel board. Tim uses a plain keyb without any wheels or so. If u can't spend time to watch the official demo then why do a review?

  4. i only see a kid looking for freebies here. sorry but this upsets me enough for a first post.

    i saw one of exiles performances and later on heard him explain some of it and heard him joking. got the finger when it came out got the mouth too. if you been there, if you read the product page, if you read the f* manual you know Tim made this for his performance and then shared with the community.

    maybe im jealous. i don't like seeing someone getting the finger for free then going "I think he made this for his live performances" when anyone slightly interested in the Finger would KNOW this fact.

    this kid got a godsend and seems to stupid to know what hit him

    sorry thats what i think

    moderator do your worst, got it out of my system.

  5. "I don't have a keyboard with a mod wheel, and when I try to describe a mod wheel I end up describing a pitch bend wheel (which does snap back to 0 from +100/-100), as opposed to recognizing that a mod wheel works just the same as any fader or any one axis on an x/y. But here's this mod wheel section.

    Also here are some rotary controls. The MIDI controller I'm using doesn't have any encoders on it. The APC40 sitting in front of me as I film this video does, but I'm using this shitty LPK instead. Boy, it sure is hard to do this with a mouse. I'm not sure if I get it. I am pretty sure this is supposed to be used for live performance or something."

    Great review..

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