Shimmering Juno Meets Screaming Lambda (Berlin School Synth Jam)

Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s a little old-school Berlin School style synth jam, Shimmering Juno meets screaming Lambdavia skoulaman:

This music balances between the beautiful dense sound of the Juno and the almost guitar like lambda sound. Its the same with life, sometimes It goes smooth and steady and sometimes we expierence a rimple in the ocean of life.

Technical, the Dark time for the sequence who controls the Q (echoed in triplets) with the midiverb III and the Little phatty echoed with the E1005.
Pads from the Juno and E-piano from the DX27 with a lot of reverb from the mpx100. The lambda is used in combination with the UE400 (distortion and flanger).

Use a pair of headphones ore a good audio for listening.

Thanks Nettie, my dear sister, I miss You.

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