‘When in Rome’ . . . Make A Berline Schule Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: Need a Berlin School synth music fix?

Dutch synthesist Martin Peters has been laying low for a while, but is back with a bit of Berline Schule goodness with his live performance of When In Rome.

Technical details on Peters’ synth jam below.

via attorks:

It has been a few months since my last video. I have been very busy with everything but music. Last evening I had a chance to make some music and this is the result.

The sequence origins from a short piece of music I made last week on my iPhone with NanoStudio. I thought it was very nice. But trying to recreate it on my hardware setup was somewhat impossible. So I used the sequence and improvised something else on it.

At first you hear the Synthesizers.com Modular driven by the Synthesizers.com Q960 sequencer. The second sequence, performed by the Doepfer MAQ16/3 sequencer, comes from the Ian Fritz Teezer Through-Zero VCO which is driving the Blacet Miniwave. The sequence from the Creamware MiniMax ASB is driven by the MIDI output of the Q172 quantizer aid which I got recently and does the same sequence as the Synthesizers.com Modular. A bass line is played on the Clavia Nord Lead 1, the Roland XP-80 is emulating an Elka Rhapsody string machine (I used to own one). The brass like sound comes from the Waldorf Q Keyboard.

My friend Anne used my iPhone 4G to video this session; thanks for that. The title refers to a short holiday Anne and I had in Rome a few weeks ago. Rome is a wonderful city full of ancient history, beautiful buildings, fountains and churches. The Italian people are also very friendly and helpful. So definitively worth a visit.

You can download/see/hear the video and music from my website.

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