Erik Norlander – Fanfare for Absent Friends

Sunday Synth Jam: Erik Norlander commemorates Sept 11 with prog, with The Galactive Collective & Fanfare for Absent Friends.

via ThinkTankMediaMusic:

“Fanfare for Absent Friends” from the 2010 CD, Erik Norlander – The Galactic Collective. Performers are: Erik Norlander – keyboards, Mark Matthews – bass, Nick LePar – drums and Freddy DeMarco – guitar.

This song originally appeared on the 2004 CD, Erik Norlander – Seas of Orion, released by the Quantum Records label in The Netherlands. A later version also appeared on Erik’s “Live in St. Petersburg” CD/DVD package in 2006 and was used for the start and end titles.

This third version of the song is the most mature and complete to date with an extended piano intro along with new guitar parts including a great solo by Freddy DeMarco.

2 thoughts on “Erik Norlander – Fanfare for Absent Friends

  1. Progtastic! However, TWO Mini Moogs is just showing off. And how many plastic elephants had to be slaughtered to make all those keyboards?

    Loved the music, though.

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