New Eurorack Modular Synth Oscillator & LFO

Model 15 Complex VCOcEvin Key and Subconscious Studios have announced a limited quantity re-release of the Model 15 Complex VCO and the Model 37 ELF LFO/Utility VCO.

The Model 15 Complex Voltage Controlled Oscillator

The Subconscious Studios Rev. 4 Model 15 VCO maintains the identical circuitry of the original discrete triangle core to assure the waveform purity and timbral characteristics which made it a legend. It features two independent fully processed (+/-) VC inputs, a 1V/Oct input, dedicated linear FM input, hard sync, and independent Sine, Triangle, Saw, PWM and a vactrol-controlled Wave Morph outputs. Operational enhancements via it’s discrete SMT component design assures even greater accuracy across all functions with stability now better than .005% (less than 2 hertz drift at 1kHz over 24 hours) and single-pot frequency range from 1 to 20Khzm, at a depth of just over .5 inches below the faceplate.

Model 37 Voltage Controlled LFO / Utility Oscillator

Part of the the original groundbreaking ELF module series – the first to feature faceplate potentiometers on a 2cm wide format – the newly redesigned SMT Model 37 is now armed with dedicated outputs for triangle, sawtooth and square wave outputs. While maintaining it’s super hard sync and adjustable FM response, the 1V/oct tracking has been increased to over five octaves, making the M37 the unparalleled cost alternative for multi-voiced modular synthesizers.

The Model 15 VCO is priced at US $380 and the Model 37 LFO is priced at US $185. Details at the Subconscious Records site.

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