The Moog Store – Who Else Wants To Make A Pilgrimage?

Marc Doty – who’s done a fantastic series of synth videos on YouTube – was in Asheville, North Carolina, recently, doing a residency with The Bob Moog Foundation.

He also made time to visit The Moog Store – Moog Music’s new store at their new factory.

Watching Doty’s video has me convinced that I’m going to have to make a pilgrimage to this place, someday. Might end up being an expensive trip, but I think it would be worth it.

Anybody else feel the same way?

9 thoughts on “The Moog Store – Who Else Wants To Make A Pilgrimage?

  1. It is great to see, along with the success of Dave Smith Instruments and several other boutique synth makers.

    Moog seems to be doing a great job, both as a business and at creating new gear that’s interesting.

    Still not sure how I’m going to justify the cost of that Moog Voyager XL to the Synth Widow, though.

  2. Justify your trip to the Moog Factory Store by doing it over the Halloween Weekend. Grab some tickets to Moogfest 2011, and suddenly the pilgrimage becomes an annual event. Asheville is awesome. Do It!

  3. Since I live in the north Asheville area I’ve visited this place on a handful of occasions. It’s like being the proverbial “kid in a candy store” for electronic music equipment fans!!! It brings back my memories as a teen in western Pennsylvania in the mid-1970s visiting music stores to checkout the latest analog synthesizers, keyboards and other instruments and DREAMING of eventually owning some of them SOME day. I could get “lost in” for a very LONG time just tweakin’ around on the Moog Voyager XL with several MoogerFoogers connected to it. I’m waiting to see/hear who will be on the education panels of this year’s MoogFest as learning more about the history, development and future of the electronic music making industry and the various tools “in” that industry is my primary interest. Now, if I can just find an extra $5000.00 in my personal bank account to bring a Voyager XL to add to my collection of electronic music experimentation playroom in my home… .

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