Aria From Handel’s Rodelinda On Theremin

Sunday Synth Jam: Multi-instrumentalist Peter Pringle performs his arrangement of the Aria from Handel’s Rodelinda.

Details on Pringles set up for this performance below.

via copperleaves:

This is the aria “Ritorna, oh caro e dolce mio tesoro” from George Frideric Handel’s 1725 opera, RODELINDA, played on a Moog Etherwave Pro theremin.

After hearing the liberties I took with the music, poor old Handel is probably revolving in his grave! This is actually the second version of it that I did. The first version was more faithful to the original score but I was afraid it might be a little boring so I did it again and added a couple of over-the-top cadenzas.

My Etherwave Pro theremin has had its volume circuit modified with the addition of an EPVM1345 module, an improvement designed by French engineer and theremin wizard, Thierry Frenkel. The speaker is a “CLARATONE” built specifically for use with theremins by Reid Welch, and it is miked with an AKG C 535 EB microphone.

The harpsichord sound is a Roland Fantom XR module. I have played many harpsichords and they are filled with all sorts of mechanical noises which, in my opinion, add to their flavor and unique tone qualities. The Fantom XR actually reproduces these extraneous sounds which is one of the reasons why I like it.

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