26 Free Live Racks From AfroDJMac

AfroDJMac is back again this week with another free Live Rack that he wanted to share with Synthtopia readers:

Hey Synthtopia! I am writing in celebration of six months of producing and releasing Ableton Live racks for free download!

This week I use samples courtesy of Tom from Waveformless of an SQ-80 synth on the Hush preset. I hope you all enjoy!

I want to thank Synthtopia for all of your support every step of the way during these last six months, it means a lot and you guys have helped me reach people I would have never been able to reach. Thanks 🙂

You can download SQ-80 Hush at the AfroDJMac site.

We’ve been covering AfroDJMac’s weekly Live freebies since his first, a free synth for Live. Now that he’s been doing this for six months, he’s shared twenty-six Racks (links below)!

You can find out more about these Live Racks at AfroDJMac’s site. Make sure you give him some feedback on all his work while you’re there!

The 25 Previous Free Live Racks:

One thought on “26 Free Live Racks From AfroDJMac

  1. Very cool. I own a SQ-80 but its in a state right now where the main screen just says init…. I contacted the guy that has the SQ-80 information page and never heard back. It’s a great keyboard, amazes me what the curtis filters do for modern sounds. I used it for the synth sounds on this Little boots earthquake remake track…… http://soundcloud.com/fools-chaos/lb-earthquake-my-midi-controller-died-re-mix

    I want to fix it, not sure where to go.

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