Isle Of Tune – The Sim City Of Music Sequencers (Sneak Preview)

Does the world need a Sim City style music sequencer?

Apparently so. The original Isle Of Tune web sequencer was used to create about 135,000 tunes.

This video offers a preview of the iPad version of Isle Of Tune, which is expected to be available Thursday Oct. 6th.


Isle of Tune is a unique music game that allows the creation of musical journeys defined by street layouts.

Each tree, building and roadside object plays it’s own sound or muscial note as a car passes by.

Construct loops, tunes and elaborate cityscapes then share them with with your friends and others to view and rate.

I’d be more interested in Isle Of Tune if it was less game and more sequencer. But the strange approach to sequencing has clearly carved out some territory for itself.

What do you think of the popularity of Isle Of Tune’s take on sequencing?

2 thoughts on “Isle Of Tune – The Sim City Of Music Sequencers (Sneak Preview)

  1. It would be cool to see someone use this sort of tech in combination with some basic mo-cap to let us analyze footage of real traffic patterns and extract rhythmical data from it.

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