Nektar Panorama – A Dedicated Controller For Propellerhead Reason 6

Naktar Panorama Propellerhead Reason 6 controller

Nektar has introduced a dedicated MIDI Controller for Propellerhead Reason 6, the Panorama controller.

Here’s what they have to say about the Nektar Panorama:

Reason 6 is here! Need a controller?

Panorama is our vision of how a great controller should work. Yes, there are many ‘generic’ controllers on the market already but we have yet to find one that satisfies our criteria of operating the software, as if it’s hardware – That’s Panorama.

Panorama uses a communication protocol that has been custom designed for Reason 6, putting control – every control – at your fingertips. There’s nothing generic about this controller. Panorama really does access all areas.

Pricing, specs and availability are to be announced.

Here’s what we know so far:

Mixer Operation:

Panorama allows you to gain access to Reason’s mixer at the touch of a button.

The display gives you an accurate overview of what parameter each control is assigned to as well as current value state.

Channel Strip Control

Panorama breaks the channel strip down in to manageable localized sections, accessible at the push of a button. From the mixer menu, you have access to EQ, Dynamics, Inserts and Sends across the buttons below the display.

There isn’t a lot more info available at the Nektar site, yet, for the Panorama controller for Reason 6.  If you know anything more on this, leave a comment below or let us know via the feedback link above.


6 thoughts on “Nektar Panorama – A Dedicated Controller For Propellerhead Reason 6

  1. never really used Reason… but this is really one sexy controller! Best one I’ve seen in a while from a design point of view (and it looks pretty well built as well, though the picture could trick you a bit)

  2. You can control devices in Reason in two different ways: with normal MIDI messages and with Remote. Remote is like Automap, it sits there, translating MIDI messages to and from Reason, allowing to make custom communication methods. It is programmed in Lua scripts and remote maps.
    The biggest limitation with Remote (and MIDI) is that in Reason you can only control the active track or lock a controller to a specific track (or the mixer). Fortunately , you can change the active track with the controller.

    So far, all we have is CG pics. I’m waiting for info on the hardware specs:
    – is the LCD multitouch?
    – why only 12 pads? Kong has 16!
    – no leds on the rotary encoders?
    – how’s the key action? Do they have aftertouch?

    Let’s see how they designed and implemented the communication with Reason. This is what will make succeful or not. The market is already flooded with generic controllers. And let’s not forget that this controller is not exclusive for Reason. The Remote implementation is what makes it specific (and probably the LCD). But the actual communication with the computer is surely done with MIDI. If they implement Automap they’ll make it work better with lot’s of other DAWs.

    The big question is related to the LCD. The MIDI messages only send CCs, note on/off and things like that. In realtime you’re not telling what to draw on the LCD. The LCD logic must be resident on the controller. I would love to know how this is done. Did Nektar hardcoded the layout or did they designed an API with custom UI elements (like panes and buttons) and controllers (more buttons, rotary encoders and sliders)? If so, can we have access to this and design our custom layouts to control anything we desire?

    I think it is going to be a big wait. I’m in the market for a new controller and I’ll probably get an Akai mpk and use a custom Midi Touch template in my iPad.

  3. I am sure the price along with reason , will make those of us using proper rack gear, burst out laughing. It will be expensive and still low grade/shit computer audio.

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