Arturia Oberheim SEM V (Sneak Preview)

Arturia SEM Software Synthesizer

Arturia has announced a new addition to their Synthesizer Anthology series, Oberheim SEM V.

Arturia Oberheim SEM V is designed to emulate the sound and interface of the original Synthesizer Expander Module introduced by Oberheim Electronics in 1974. Reproducing the tone, waveshapes, multi-mode 12dB/octave filter and other characteristics, the Oberheim SEM V also brings the benefits of polyphony, MIDI control and arpeggiation and some innovative functionalities such as the 8-voice programmer, or the advanced keyboard follow.

The Oberheim SEM is one of the few vintage synths that live on not only as software, but in updated hardware form. See this recent Tom Oberheim interview for details.

Specs, pricing and availability are to be announced.

via KVR, Arturia

5 thoughts on “Arturia Oberheim SEM V (Sneak Preview)

  1. The biggest problem with software is that piracy and therefore poor sales will ultimately kill the motivation to invest in pushing audio boundaries and development of music technology.

    Poor old Tom! He made the effort in 2011, Arturia clone it and filesharing websites, programs and blogs distribute it.

  2. ‘is designed to emulate the sound and interface of the original’
    This is comical, if it’s software how the fuck is the interface the same. I use hardware , it would be great if this site stated hardware or software when putting lines like
    ‘is designed to emulate the sound and interface of the original’
    It is a pain to think oh great a new synth and then find out is some naff software.

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