Phantogram Performs ’16 Years’ In The Moog Sound Lab

Sunday Synth Jam: Phantogram performs their unreleased song, 16 Years, in the Moog Sound Lab.

Vocalist/keyboardist Sarah Barthel sings through an MF-104Z Analog Delay while playing not one, but two Moog synthesizers.

Her left hand is in charge of the Minimoog Voyager Select Series, providing bass lines; the Little Phatty Stage II is arpeggiating in latch mode throughout the entire song. It is also being MIDI synced with the drum machine that percussionist Tim Oakley is performing on. In addition to the drum machine, Tim uses the Minimoog Voyager XL for a percussive sound.

Guitarist/vocalist Josh Carter explores both the full sustain and the mute modes of the Moog Guitar. Going through an MF-104Z Analog Delay and the MF-102 Ring Modulator, Josh creates an ethereal backdrop with the tremolo arm of the Moog Guitar.

12 thoughts on “Phantogram Performs ’16 Years’ In The Moog Sound Lab

  1. Pretty people, flashy equipment, mundane music. I smell a hit for the masses……or something.
    OK, constuctive criticism: Singer, work on your vocal range. Songwriter: make the song more interesting with some effective chord changes. A clever little hook would also be nice. Whole group: get more into technique with your instruments. Your group really does have potential.

    1. sorry to the hipster who hates “hits for the masses”. like this version better than the original, will it be released or was this just for fun?

      also, of course it’s flashy equipment. have you never heard of moog?

      keep cranking out those vague generalizations about “pretty people” and “mundane music” and “music for the masses!” whilst you sip your PBR.

  2. yeah, i think this guy needs to watch more phantogram clips. they had just written this song when they were filmed at moog. hadn’t recorded it yet or performed it live. they are also playing all of the tracks live. the drummer and singer both multi tasking.

    but anyway… this is my favorite band and they KILL live.

    as for the “flashy equipment” – that’s the point of the video. its 100% moog gear.

  3. Shawn, this guy took your advice and did the research on this group, and no offense, but I stand even more firmly by my afformentioned critique of this group. However, the young woman is visually stunning.

  4. I like these guys, I loved their song “When I’m small”.
    I’m not sure how one could call their music “Mundane”. I understand it’s not to everyone’s taste, but to some, me included, their music is interesting and good stuff.
    It’s like Ladytron, I love them, but some people cannot stand them……..

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