Moog Synth Coming To Rhythm Studio + More Effects

Rhythm StudioPulse Code has announced that it will be adding a Moog inspired monosynth to Rhythm Studio, its virtual studio for the iPad:

As hinted at by our new app icon, we are adding another subtractive monosynth in the classic Moog style. It will be a 2 oscillator synth with oscillator sync and ring modulation.

The oscillators themselves will be modeled, so it isn’t going to have perfect waveforms, but will look and sound more like real hardware.

The new synth will also have a 24db resonant ladder filter and full ADSR envelopes for both filter and amp.

In addition to the Moog style synth, Rhythm Studio is getting 4 more effects:

  • E.Q.
  • Phaser
  • Auto Filter
  • Amp Distortion

No availability date has been announced, but Pulse Code says that each of the additions has either been completely coded or is largely complete.

Rhythm Studio is a virtual studio that comes with a collection of virtual instruments, which can be also be expanded through in-app purchases.

3 thoughts on “Moog Synth Coming To Rhythm Studio + More Effects

  1. Love this little app. And the attitude of the developer is wonderful. I have TableTop as well, but it’s a bloated warthog of an app. Rhythm Studio is tidy and efficient (if less flexible) on my iPad 1st gen.

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