The Macbeth X-Series Modular Synthesizer

MacBeth Studio Systems has a new 3U series of synth modules on the way – the X-Series.

Here’s a sneak preview of these new modules, featuring black and white close up knob tweaking that borders on the fetishistic.

“This is first short intro vid for the new Macbeth X-Series Modules in 3U,” say Ken MacBeth. “You are basically listening to one oscillator triggering two dual EGs sweeping the the dual SV filter- so it’s one filter module that you are hearing!”

Specs and pricing are to come but the MacBeth site has info on the initial set of modules. The modules are expected to be available from Analogue Haven and Schneidersladen shortly.

2 thoughts on “The Macbeth X-Series Modular Synthesizer

  1. Finally… I’ll be able to have a full Macbeth modular in Euro! Woo Hoo! No more having to fill up my empty spaces with Pittsburg Mod and Synth Tech to make my rows “kind of” match! AND DAMN YOU KEN!!!! I already sold my TV and Xbox… why do you hate my wallet/social life so?

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