DCM8 Chip Tune Drum Machine Now Available

VXXY DCM8 chiptunes drum machine

VXXY has introduced the DCM8 Chip Tune Drum Machine, described as ‘the first dedicated chip tune drum machine”.


  • 64 Patterns in 8 banks of 8.
  • Selectable 8, 16 or 32 steps per pattern with half, normal and double speed timing scales.
  • Adjustable instrument volume, decay and pitch on per step basis.
  • Dual channel architecture with wide range of retro and unique preset sounds generated by a scripted synthesis engine.
  • 255 digitally synthesized chip sounds, consisting of 223 presets and 32 user generated patches.
  • 8 Levels of live undo on each pattern.
  • 8 Songs with 128 pattern selections.
  • Clear, Copy and Paste 8, 16 or 32 steps between patterns.
  • EEPROM based storage of all patterns and user data, with SYSEX backup.
  • MIDI input and output.

Details and demo video below.

The DCM8 is currently priced at €349  via the VXXY site.


The DCM8 is housed in a powder coated steel case with a CNC punched royal blue anodized aluminium front panel and white silk screen legend. The control layout has eight main step editing and selection buttons, mode function buttons, an encoder knob for parameter adjustment and undo / redo buttons. A 16 x 2 black & white negative LCD provides status information and menus for editing sounds and changing options.

Step sequencing also allows for pitch and decay parameters to be edited on a per step basis, to allow for greater sonic flexibility rather than just tweaking the pitch of a sample. Included is the ability to generate upto 32 custom sounds and use the sounds within programmed sequences.

The oscillator has all traditional waveforms and a selection of 4-bit wave tables, samples, generative algorithms and frequency modulation available. Noise source includes multiple different types of PRNG (pseudo random number generator) and wave formulations, and control is available over frequency, volume, and sweeping of those parameters. An LFO is also included which is routable to all parts of the synthesis engine, with selectable waveform, frequency, depth and re-triggering options.

Basic MIDI implementation allows for synchronisation with an external source or operation as clock master, with triggering of sounds and selection of internal patterns also available.

6 thoughts on “DCM8 Chip Tune Drum Machine Now Available

  1. That picture is awesome, must have given the builder a large wood(en) sidepanels… Wonder how defined the equipment really sounds, and how warm…..

  2. the price is off by about 100-150 euro. I understand the amount of time and money these guys have invested in this project (been following for a year) but the features are just too sparse for that money. No midi-thru, only 8 steps and digital make the mfb range of mini drum machines make way more appealing & sonically interesting prospects.

  3. there are 8 buttons but it seems you can program upto 32 steps per bar in blocks of 8, sounds like it to me, and you can edit patterns and the sounds as well. i dont have the skills to make stuff so I buy things.

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