New Virtual Soundscape Generator For Windows – Ambitron

M-RGT has released Ambitron, a ‘virtual soundscape generator’ for Windows.

Here’s what the developers have to say about Ambitron:

Ambitron is an experimental electronic synthesizer that employs granular synthesis in two separate and programmable layers each with extensive FX and Modulation Matrix modules which provide the user with maximum control over unique sound creation.

Ambitron comes with scores of samples built in but can also support the import of user samples in .wav format for sound creation that can be customized to user preferences and musical styles. As an experimental synthesizer it radically departs from standard “bread and butter” type instruments and is meant to be used as a laboratory for the exploration of new sonic and timbral creations that would be difficult to achieve any other way.

The nature of Ambitron is that it allows for sonic evolution over time and with the use of the various granular controls allows the user to create sounds that have a life of their own and do not repeat in any kind of expected or predictable manner. It is ideal for ambient soundscapes or virtually any type of experimental genres. When used with a midi controller or host these various controls can be manipulated in real time thus further enhancing the sonic possibilities.

Ambitron is meant to be played with and as the user becomes more familiar with its various controls and parameters the possibilities for sounds that are surprising and unexpected are greatly enhanced.

Ambitron is available now for US $33. See the M-RGT site for details and demos.

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6 thoughts on “New Virtual Soundscape Generator For Windows – Ambitron

  1. Too bad it’s Windows. Why doesn’t anyone tell these folks that Windows and Music don’t mix? Windows doesn’t do fingers, requires a mouse, and requires the musician to divert their focus from creating music, to managing an operating system with a constant need for input. Forget Windows.

    1. I wonder why Mac users have this penchant for complaining about everything that is released exclusively for windows systems.

      Get a PC and get over with it.

      Btw, using a MAC to make music doesn´t automatically turn you into a good producer. If you believe so, well, then you may as well buy yourself a new brain…and make sure it´s got windows installed on it.

    2. erm.. Windows does fingers, just because you prefer to ignore this fact doesn’t make it any less true.

      There has been Windows tablets for over 15 years. I use one (with my fingers) and it works like a charm, something most ipad and osx users don’t want to believe.

  2. Ambitron is a big big step up from PsyBox, their former release, you can pay with this for days, and it is always interesting. The still shot above unfortunately doesn’t reveal the other two layers below it , this plug in has a lot of depth, highly recommended for those who want to break out of beat-based modes of expression.

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