33 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Keep Your Synths On A Glass Desk, Or ‘One Sad Mopho’

  1. Shit, that got me totally paranoid now. My glass desk holds 27″ iMac i7 together with M-Audio Axiom 49 Pro and Novation Launcpad…
    What to do, what to do..?! 🙁

    1. If you are really paranoid go to a custom plastic fabricator (like Tap Plastics) and have a sheet of clear plexiglass cut to size. The layer of plexiglas will help evenly distribute the weight across the surface area. You could also use tinted 3M window film. If it does crack the film will hold it together long enough to save your stuff.

      1. I did exactly that many years ago by getting my sheet of Plexiglass at Canal Street, NY. The only problem is I messed up the underline support and many years of a very heavy laptop bent it in the middle like a big smile. Plexiglass is the solution, just make sure the support is as flat as possible 🙂

        1. I was pretty much thinking just plop the plexi right on the existing glass, then use some tape around the edges to keep it from sliding around. No problem with flatness and you get two layers of strength.

  2. Philip Glass would like it! 😉
    This makes me remember when my computer screen (not a flat one) hit my Monomachine because my cats were rioting…

  3. No surface on this planet can hold the Mopho! Just keep it off the floor and you’ll do fine.

    I do hope everyone’s okay, though.

  4. I have investigated this photo with the friend of mine (forensics student) and we have discovered some significant abnormalities.
    Why is is Magic mouse sits still on the mouse pad to begin with and why is Mopho so conveniently placed on the “bed” of glass right side up..?!
    Botom line is that this image is total bullshit and posted to generate “15 minutes of fame”…
    There is NO way that the glass top desk will shutter like this under Mopho weight and then some…

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