Coming Soon To FL Studio – Performance Mode

Image Line has announced a new Performance Mode for FL Studio and is looking for user input.

The system shown above is an early Alpha. It works by dynamically adding clips to the Playlist as you trigger them. In this way, it’s also a real-time arrangement process. All three clip types (Audio, Automation and Pattern) can be triggered.


  • Keyboards – There are 12 Clips assignable to each Playlist Track (one octave of a MIDI controller per track)
  • Launchpad & Mouse – Unlimited Clips assignable to each Playlist track.
  • Other Pad based Controllers – Limited only by the number of MIDI note assignable pads

There is basic scripting to define extra pages on the Launchpad. You’re able to define actions for buttons, among transport ones, notes & controls.

Note: This is a sneak preview of features that are under development. Not release date has been announced.

The CPU load is similar to the project as it would play normally.

6 thoughts on “Coming Soon To FL Studio – Performance Mode

  1. FruityLoops Studio is a 32 bit host, unable to rewire into R6 and Studio One 64 bit, why bother?

    There is very little interest for performance based recording. If people want that, they could just use their MPC’s (software equivalent) to trigger and record.

    Image-Line has spread their company too thin with an aging product that’s about to meet it’s shelf life once Windows 8 (64 bit only) is released. Unless you plan on running Windows 7 and below forever.

    This “new” feature seems like another attempt to attract new users to an already doomed product.

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