Rave Kills Dolphin, Claim Activists

rave kills dolphinShadow the dolphin died recenty, after marine park bosses allowed a ‘deafening rave’ yards from its pool.

According to a report in The Sun, wildlife experts had warned that the banging techno at the two-day dance event would lead to stress among the ten dolphins. Animal activists even turned up to protest at Connyland marine park in Lipperswil, Switzerland.

Shadow, an eight-year-old dolphin, appeared very distressed and disoriented after the event, and was later found dead.

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14 thoughts on “Rave Kills Dolphin, Claim Activists

    1. couldn’t have said it any better… unless they are endangered and in some last gasp breeding program, let’s leave the wild animals in the wild shall we?

  1. “Shadow, an eight-year-old dolphin, appeared very distressed and disoriented AFTER the event, and was later found dead.” – sounds to me like the party being over is what killed him. I know how you feel shadow

  2. Oh well, in my heyday under the influence, throwing a rave next to marine life would probably have seemed completely logical! But dolphins dying makes me sad, cheers flipper

  3. And not anyone working at the Marine Park opted that this might that this might not be a very good idea. What kind of aquatic specialists are employed there? the Pet Shop Boys?

  4. Dolphins have no hands, so they weren’t able to poke their ears out with a pencil. Personally I think the dolphin took the easy way out.

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