Hendrix vs Rachmaninoff

Sunday Synth Jam: Reader Rob Schwimmer performs his take on Rachmaninoff’s Etude Tableau in Ebm op39 #5, on the Haken Continuum Keyboard.

Schwimmer says that “I’ve always loved the great guitarists of the 60’s–Hendrix, Beck, Clapton, Feiten, etc. As a keyboard player I envied their expressive options–vibrato, note bending, sustain, etc.”

I’m not sure if the Hendrix vs Rachmaninoff post title really works, since Schwimmer doesn’t play the Continuum with his tongue or put the keyboard behind his head. But you can definitely hear his affection for classic guitarists in his approach to performing on the Continuum.

One thought on “Hendrix vs Rachmaninoff

  1. Brilliant! I’ve heard of monkeys typing Shakespeare, but never tom cats performing Rachmaninov before. A sonic treat. 😉

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