DIY MIDI Stylophone

Simon Inns’ Stylophone Studio 5 is a MIDI controllable clone of the original 1968 Stylophone, which used a PUT based relaxation oscillator (unlike the later versions which were 555 timer based).

This video shows the features of the Stylophone Studio 5 and features a soundtrack in which the Stylophone plays the melody, counter melody and bass line for the song Still Alive from the Portal game.

See the waitingforfriday site for the insanely ambitious details.


5 thoughts on “DIY MIDI Stylophone

  1. Wow, it sounds fantastic! A bit beyond my means to make (I’m pretty hopeless as a DIY-er) but I’d be down if someone made a manageable kit/assembled units. I have one of those cheap 20 bucks stylophone reissues and it not only doesn’t sound nearly as good as this, it broke within a couple of weeks.

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