37 thoughts on “Is This The Ultimate Synth Cave?

  1. Not a music store for sure because their layout is about pushing product.
    Michel’s studio is more of a shrine. He love’s synths and its his life. He’s been very generous at letting people visit and talk, and in sharing his passion. We need even more talented interviewers to set up interview scripts and get video interviews of Michel describing why certain synths get a spot in “the good seats” and others get propped up to the ceiling. I’m sure that there is a wealth of knowledge there to be extracted with respects to his appreciation of the different synth’s capabilities.

  2. If it were mine I would take that poly 800 from the floor, sling it over my shoulder with the guitar strap and attempt to use it to trigger everything in the room simultaneously. In hopes that the room would lift away from the rest of the house and rocket into space!

  3. Ya it looks dope. But it doesn’t look like the top two or three of each synth row are very functionally placed to played. This guy must be tall

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