Reactable Live – What Makes It An Instrument?

Reactable’s Martin Kaltenbrunner talks with CDM’s Peter Kirn about the Reactable Live music sequencer & synthesizer.

Is the Reactable a new type of musical instrument? Kaltenbrunner shares his thoughts on this question – and why he thinks that tangible music sequencing is an important new way to create and control music.

3 thoughts on “Reactable Live – What Makes It An Instrument?

  1. I would say this system is like picking your nose with a glove on!!
    Very impressive for two minutes, and for example I don’t seem to be seeing TENORIS anywhere? Two mins of publicity and then obscurity.
    Style over substance.

  2. more of a gadget, gimmick, teaching add, blocks for children.

    you could use it to teach kids how to have fun while learning routings and other chained specifics.

    maybe a party feature, at a bar, in a club, just for entertainment.

    far from a serious musical instrument. large toy comes to mind.

  3. The Reactable is like a really dumbed down blend of a sampler and a mixing board. In the end, it gives you less control and less options than any standard controller and a half-decent sampler does. Dragging blocks around on a table produces NOTHING different than turning a knob or pushing a fader does. Nothing at all. Its still sending the same control values to the same sound and modulation sources. There are absolutely no new input capabilities on this device.

    Total gimmick, IMO.

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