The Most Valuable Moog Voyager In The World?

Synthesist and Bob Moog Foundation video blogger Marc Doty takes a look at what they are calling ‘the most valuable Moog Voyager’ – a white and blue Moog Voyager that has been signed by Brian Eno, Moby, Edgar Froese (of Tangerine Dream), Chromeo, Amon Tobin, Suicide, STS9, Passion Pit, Beak, Ghostland Observatory, Holy Fuck, and TV on the Radio.

It’s part of a fundraiser for the Foundation, to support their electronic music based educational programs.

5 thoughts on “The Most Valuable Moog Voyager In The World?

  1. moog PR person seems to love dramatic statements, “first professional ipad app” and “most valuable moog in the world”

    personally i would rather have bob moog’s prototype or a model signed by him than this graffiti’d up version.

    but a fan of these artists will appreciate it and it goes to what should be a good cause.

  2. “The Most Valuable Moog Voyager In The World”…I would say “the most ugly Moog Voyager in the world”…looks like his hair…messed up… 😀

    Seriously I would prefer the signatures at its backplate and not in front of this precious wood. I wouldn’t buy that keyboard, not even with a $500 discount.

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