iPad Looping Jam

Reader Mario Gouveia send word of this iPad looping synth jam, which features Bebot, DM1, Sunrizer & Soundprism.

Here’s what he has to say about his jam:

What’s Like is an original song I composed looping iPad music apps through Ableton Live. The creative process was quite fun and dynamic as I could quickly try different sounds and lines while comfortably lying on my bed.

The song layers were created in the exact same order as they appear on the video. Everything was recorded on Ableton Live, using the Avid Mbox as an audio interface. Instead of using “Looper”, I recorded each line on different tracks so I could make volume adjustments later (as much as I love Bebot, it doesn’t even have a volume fader (apart from iPad volume), which is a shame.)

It was very, very tempting to use plugins (specially compressors) to enhance the sounds and the mix in general However, I kept it genuine on purpose: Everything you hear is what you get from these Apps without any post-editing. Just a cable straight into the audio interface.

Technical details below.

iPad Apps:

  • DM1 Drum Machine (Drums)
  • Sunrizer (First Lead)
  • Bebot (Bass and Both Alternative Leads – Yes, I love it!)
  • Soundprism Pro (Pad)


  • Guitar: PRS CE22 (signed by Guthrie Govan)
  • Tablet: iPad 2
  • Microphone: Blue Baby Bottle
  • Studio Monitor: Adam A7X
  • Audio Interface: Avid Mbox
  • Laptop: Alienware M17x R2
  • Camera: Canon 60D
  • Midi Controller: Korg nanoPad

3 thoughts on “iPad Looping Jam

  1. Pretty groovy. Loved it. My only comment is that I think the guitar part would have fit the song better with a cleaner tone. Otherwise, tons of fun and well done!

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