New Synthesized Version Of Holst’s The Planets

We’ve been following reader Mike Leghorn‘s progress on a new synthesized version of Holst’s The Planets with interest.

The Planets has been arranged for synths may times, notably by Patrick Gleeson and Isao Tomita. But, just as different conductors and performers can bring out different facets of classical works, new classitronica arrangements reveal something about the state of synthesis, changes in styles & the ear or the performer.

The latest  addition to Leghorn’s version of The Planets is his performance of the vivacious Jupiter.

4 thoughts on “New Synthesized Version Of Holst’s The Planets

  1. Brilliant. Okay, so now we’re waiting with bated breath for the other pieces, would somebody mind interviewing this guy Leghorn or write an article on him, ‘cos I wanna know more!

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