Tweaked Out Techno for NI Massive

This is a preview of Xenos Soundworks Tweaked Out Techno – preset library for Native Instruments Massive synthesizer.

Here’s what they have to say about Tweaked Out Techno:

Tweaked Out Techno contains 50 extremely powerful presets for Native Instruments Massive, targeting electro house/complextro, tech-house and minimal techno, taking inspiration from such artists as Dirtyloud, Spencer & Hill, Porter Robinson and more. Each patch in the soundset uses the Macro Controls, the vast majority of them using all 8 for maximum tweakability and expression. The soundset ships in a zip file containing both KSD and the new NMSV format.

Tweaked Out Techno is available now for USĀ $8.95.

2 thoughts on “Tweaked Out Techno for NI Massive

  1. ok who ever said it was ok to get creative and change the genres that were already established, can get forked with a trident in the face… its ALL TECHNO. this need for new names is mass marketing from sales companys. (electro house, complextro, wtf else they have come up with) … put our beloved DETROIT TECHNO, NY HOUSE, and IDM back to its original BPMs please.

  2. Without sub genre’s how would someone find a specific style within a genre they were looking for? You yourself just said “DETROIT TECHNO, NY HOUSE, and IDM back to its original BPMs please.”

    Couldn’t that be construed as defining music in sub-genre’s as well? Isn’t is ALL IDM? Isn’t it ALL MUSIC? lol

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