Free Korg Kronos Workstation Update – Here’s What’s New

Korg KronosKorg has released a free update for the Kronos, System Version 1.5, that Free update adds more space for sounds, USB MIDI input, & software editing.

Here’s what’s new in Kronos System Version 1.5:

  • New Program banks provide 896 additional free slots to store programs from Korg, from third party developers, or those you create yourself
  • 7 new banks each of Wave Sequences and Drum Kits to match the new Program banks
  • The maximum number of RAM Samples and Multisamples has been increased by four, allowing Kronos to load more samples at once
  • Supports input from USB MIDI controllers: play Kronos sounds from auxiliary keyboards via USB
  • Direct support for playing and selecting chords from Korg pad-equipped USB controllers, including the nanoPAD, nanoPAD2, and KONTROL series
  • Support for installing additional RAM: more than double the amount of memory for EXs and RAM samples
  • Support for the Kronos Editor and Plug-in Editor software

The update is free to all registered Kronos owners, and is available for download now.

If you’re a Korg Kronos owner – let us know what you think of the System 1.5 update!

2 thoughts on “Free Korg Kronos Workstation Update – Here’s What’s New

  1. No sequencer update? Isn’t it a bit embarrassing waste of touch screen, that’s ca. the size of iPad? No controlling the knobs?

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