62 New Music Hacks From Music Hack Day London

Organizers have posted information on 62 new hacks coming out of Music Hack Day London 2011, held this weekend at Barbican Center, London.

For a taste of the sort of things coming out of the event – check out the Helimin – a radio-controlled helicopter theremin:

See a complete list of the music hacks below.

62 Hacks from Music Hack Day London 2011:

  1. Chordomaton Interactive cellular automaton on the Novation Launchpad
  2. Kinect Virtual Disco Deathmatch – Kinect + Processing + Websockets + Canvas = AwEsOMe (maybe)
  3. The Inhuman Microphone Experiment inspired by Occupy Wallstreet’s Human Microphone
  4. Notorious Siri teaching Siri how to rap and sing
  5. EM-IQ Using the Echonest and MusixMatch APIs to generate on-the-fly quizzes (that can be pointed at different OpenEMI/Echonest sandboxes)
  6. GRAGGGGGGG GRAGGGGGGG – Generative Remix App Generator Generals (ggggg!) putting to good use the music of EMI with the analysis of EchoNest.
  7. Every year I ask for a Nintendo, and every year they give me socks and another bloody step sequencer Collaborative Facebook tool for making naff Christmas songs.
  8. Techno Is The Word! Online generative techno beat sequencer.
  9. CTRL Interactive music installation usable with any music on Spotify
  10. The Matrix Modular effects routing matrix for the Novation Launchpad
  11. Mood Knobs Tweak your Spotify playlists with the twist of a knob.
  12. Spotifilesystem Spotify mounted as a FUSE filesystem
  13. PolyFailic TransCraption is a yet another nonfunctional attempt at creating the ultimate dream: music transcription from wave file to score.
  14. Songs to Tweet to Create track playlists from Twitter timelines
  15. Bring on the Wall A game to test your knowledge of your friends’ music tastes
  16. Drivetime Broadcast what you’re listening to in Spotify, and let others listen along in real-time.
  17. Beat Flail I flail, the kinect sees, then there are beats.
  18. Helimin A Radio-controlled helicopter turned into a theremin, to offer this years most irritating Christmas gift.
  19. MusicHackTee My Musichackday t-shirt re-imagined as a musical instrument using embroidered conductive textiles circuitry & dreamy coding skillz.
  20. Jukit Finding places that play the music you like with Shoudio, Echonest and Foursquare
  21. Gorillaz webdoc app
  22. SoundEngine Basic web based Sequencer
  23. Waveformer High precision waveforms as data API
  24. SCOTD Showcase All the SoundClouders of the Day, now on one page!
  25. Songkick webdoc app
  26. Best Album of the year webdoc app
  27. Music Monster Shape MashUp Create your own musical monster and make it FIGHT!
  28. Soundcloud Mixer A web based DJ application for mixing soundcloud tracks together live.
  29. Hipstify Aggregate reviews from music blogs with spotify app as front-end
  30. Virtual album store Yet another way to find music
  31. The Pitchfork Effect – is Pitchfork as influential as everyone thinks?
  32. MuseScore / Open EMI iPad App Read the sheet music and listen to the track, on your iPad
  33. Setlist Scrobbler Scrobble your Last.fm events. (I’m not there to demo. Sorry! Please move along.)
  34. Tastebuds.fm Spotify App Meet people who share your taste in music, using your Spotify library
  35. Spotify Guess the Intro Guess the Intro game inside Spotify
  36. Spotify Audio Visualisation Audio visualisation API inside the Spotify Application Platform.
  37. Echonest Last.mood Plays song from your last.fm library according to defined mood. (happy, sad, relaxing, angry, excited)
  38. Owl Octave Owl synthesizer for iPad.
  39. Spotify Jukebox A spotify app providing a jukebox style web interface where anyone can queue tracks.
  40. GigOut iPhone app that shows gigs around you and lets you arrange hangouts based on those gigs.
  41. Chordify Spotify app that shows guitar chords for the song you’re currently listening to
  42. Pretentiometer Cheeky webapp which rates your last.fm listening habits against hipster music websites
  43. musiXmatch Lyrics on Spotify The best experience on matching, searching, discovery lyrics on Spotify based on world’s largest official DB powered by musiXmatch
  44. This Was My Jam Relive the hottest jams from your past.
  45. Musicmetric artist LED Tickerboard LED ticker board displaying vital stats for your artists including torrent downloads, play counts, fan activity, top countries, top tracks, overall rank and sentiment of reviews
  46. 7digital Office Beerdio
  47. BandJamz iPad app for bands to track songs and gig lists / uses echonest and musixmatch api – got plans for soudncloud and last.fm integration for bands.
  48. MuseScoreFollower App to match MIDI performance to score and rate your style
  49. InstantMash Mashes together a track which matches your lyrics.
  50. Photosynth Point your camera at something to see how the look sounds!
  51. Liri Talk to Liri and find your favorite songs
  52. Spartify Comeback from the Boston MHD, Spartify now runs within Spotify. Spartify starts a dynamic playlist where people can add songs from their mobile phones and vote up existing songs. Perfect for parties to avoid play queue tampering!
  53. ShufflerfmSpotify Shuffler.fm spotify app
  54. Sinewav.es Distributed synthesizer using Firefox audio, Node, Faye and Redis
  55. Driver’s seat Steer your way through the parameter space of audio features (Spotify app)
  56. Kinect Killed the Video Star Kinect hack that turns any location into a green screen that let you star in your favourite music video or album cover art.
  57. SoundCloud Alarm Clock Wake up to fresh music from SoundCloud every day.
  58. Beat-Synchronous Step Sequencer A step-sequencer that uses beat tracking to synchronise its tempo to any (well, most) music or live accompaniment
  59. CloudChamber Hear your SoundCloud tracks played fo’ real in a reverb chamber
  60. Velodrone Crowd-to-stage audio/visual collaboration.
  61. Amen Break Shuffler You will be massaged with endless permutations of the Amen Break.
  62. Spotify Picture Show See a slideshow of pics of your music while listening to spotify ( a remote hack)

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