6 thoughts on “Akai Miniak Synth Jam

  1. Hmmmm. Who’s reading Clive Barker? The performer with the hand made T-shirt or his girlfriend sitting on the bed who’s foot we see looming in the background?

  2. I like Akai’s arpeggiators.
    The Miniak looks and sounds like a decent device. Needs more knobs though. 😉
    Hmm, does this mean that I may want to revisit the Alesis Ion?

  3. Hey, this is my video. Thanks for posting it. @Beats, yes this is entirely from the Miniak. Clive Barker is my wife’s, @Kaleb, and that’s her foot. @guest, it’s fully customizable, so you can use built arpeggios, make your own and change what each knob and wheel does. Thanks for watching and all your kind words!

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