iOS Looping App, Loopy, Gets A Shot Of Sweet MIDI Love


Loopy and Loopy HD for the iPad – A Tasty Pixel’s looper apps for iOS – have been updated with a shot of sweet MIDI love.

Version 1.1 of Loopy adds MIDI support and more:

  • You can now synchronize the clock across multiple devices, over a cable and over WiFi/Bluetooth, and across multiple apps on the same device.
  • This version also includes fully trainable MIDI control, so you can connect a foot switch or any other MIDI input device, and bind actions to any MIDI events.
  • Loopy HD on the iPhone now also allows you to display up to 12 tracks on-screen.

Loopy lets you create music by layering looped recordings of singing, beatboxing, or playing an instrument.

It’s a free update. See A Tasty Pixel’s page in the App Store for details.

If you’re a Loopy user, let us know what you think of the update!

One thought on “iOS Looping App, Loopy, Gets A Shot Of Sweet MIDI Love

  1. I love this app, it’s a really fun and well designed looping/recording app. These new MIDI sync and control features make it much easier to use with MIDI gear. Basically you just hit play on Loopy to start things, your attached drum machine / groovebox / app / whatever then plays along in sync, and then you tap Loopy to record an audio loop of it. You can also assign those taps to MIDI, so you can do the start and record actions with a MIDI footswitch. Then layer another guitar or bass part on top, play a synth line, add a loop with weird noises. Finally bring the various loop layers in and out (also MIDI controllable) to make a quick song. It’s really fun and simple for sketching out song ideas and these MIDI features make it a lot more powerful. Very cool app.

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