Free Grand Piano Library For Kontakt

Free Music Software: PrecisionSound has released a free grand piano instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt, Amore:

We recorded a Yamaha grand piano, close miked in stereo and kept it small, under 200 MB.

The 3 page GUI is intuitive and easy to understand with controls for decay, EQ, IR reverb, Delay and Keyboard response.

You need the full version of NI Kontakt version 3, 4 or 5 to use this SampleSet.

Download Amore from the PrecisionSound site.

2 thoughts on “Free Grand Piano Library For Kontakt

  1. Man, this “needing the full version” for everything is really a drag. NI needs to change that strategy. Unless of course they are intentionally trying to choke off sales from third party content developers.

  2. I have a copy of Personal Orchestra by Kontact that i bought a few years back. Trouble is trying to install it on my computer now a days is hard because the verification process isn’t supported anymore.

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