EvilFish 303 – An Acid Machine For Ableton Live

The guys at Sonic Faction send word of a new instrument that they’ve released for Ableton Live, the EvilFish 303:

Sonic Faction meticulously sampled the Devil Fish 303 and added their own tweaks and mods to it. The result is a pure, raw-sounding, viscous, analog beast! Plus, this is one of the first Ableton Instruments to come with its own custom Max for Live patch for fully integrated control and step sequencing on a Novation Launchpad.


  • High quality multi-sampled analog instrument
  • 6 levels of real analog overdrive, 5 types of digital distortion
  • 8 filter types including classic 303, LP, HP, BP, Vintage
  • Built in FX Rack: Waveshaper, FM filter, Pumper, Delay
  • Includes custom made Max for Live step sequencer for Launchpad

EvilFish 303 is available for $19.99 at the Sonic Faction website. It includes the free Max for Live patch.

9 thoughts on “EvilFish 303 – An Acid Machine For Ableton Live

  1. I have an xoxbox. It’s real, it has knobs /switches/ midi/ plus two physical audio outs .
    There are loads of tb 303 softsynths. Good luck fellas . I know hardware is expensive but , it is easier to use, sonically better and can be used on the fly as they are physical instruments.
    I imagine there are people who have bought clones similar to tb 303’s (xoxbox,Acid lab,future retro etc) cause they are sick of computer down time and farting around time wise just to get a raw waveform to trigger. So many hours wasted thru computer problems!!
    Eowave Domino , is just about to hit the stockist’s, its around 300 euros. It has Accent on it (a rare thing) it is a stunning machine and a 303 clone plus more besides.
    Anyone who plays with software should at least try a hardware machine and then try software.
    It might be the difference between a wank and a shag!!!
    (manchester in the house)

  2. The video begins with a photo of hardware, it’s f#ckin hilarious to see software manufacturers luring punters in via photos of hardware, or rendered pictures.
    One day it should be banned, this false advertising.
    It would be good to see a hardware site and software site. For some of us , software is simply a joke,.
    (all the new versions of software is cause they are shit to start with and users are pissed of with the software failings)
    You don’t need a lot of hardware to make full on trax. I see people constantly upgrading and after all their playing around on their computers never seem to have completed tracks, just vain hope they will get there!!
    Cynical yes and also realist!!

  3. I don’t get the software and hardware debate thing. Just use whatever you like. I use both, I’m usually more effective as a songwriter with mostly software but I have lots of fun with hardware, the magic happens when you mix em up.

    As for the 303 emu I think it looks sweet, nice price and well thought out.

  4. yeah, all this ‘chest-thumping’ is so old & pointless… ooooooh you use this or that!! wow, now you’re cool and anyone who does differently suck balls!! suuuuuuure… listen, just because something doesn’t work for you in particular doesn’t mean that’s the universal rule for everyone else. an if everyone you see using any method isn’t coming up with finished tracks, well, maybe you need to start hanging out with other people? i dunno, if it makes you feel better to see others struggle then hey, whatever floats yer boat. I’d LOVE to have all the gear in the world ready at my finger tips but as is i’ll stick to using plug-ins that i like and my PC that can hack it just fine, i’ll get the real world gear as i can afford it. haven’t you heard there’s a f’n recession on?? no? well good for you maybe one day we all can be as cool as you. :[)

    Oh and this ‘EvilFish 303’ looks pretty badass, especially with the Novation hook-up… Looks like a solid choice for anyone wanting a 303 sound. Hope to try this out one day!

  5. Seems like they did a pretty fantastic job with the sampling/layering. And the Launchpad control is a really awesome bonus (for a Launchpad user such as myself). I’m totally going to pick this up, esp. since I doubt I will ever bother with a hardware version. Is a hardware 303 more ‘authentic’? Maybe. But as they mentioned in the video, also a pain to use. And they are not cheap. $20 for some quality samples and a nice sequencer? Sounds like a freaking deal!

  6. This thing rocks i have it and it is by far the best piece of software i have, and I used to own a sh101 two 303’s a 909 and various other synths

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