Yamaha Updates Tenori On For iPad, Adds Sampling, AudioCopy, SoundCloud Support & More

iPad Tenori OnReader Howard Jones sent word about a major update to Yamaha’s TNR-i, their Tenori On app for the iPad.

“Just thought you’d like to know about the latest update to Yamaha’s Tenori-On app, Tnr-i,” writes Jones. “User samples have arrived – apparently with up to 5 seconds per sample. This is a big improvement on the hardware (which has a 0.97 second limit for user samples).”

Here’s what’s new in TNR-i 1.3:

  • Audio Recording, User Voice (Sampling Function),
  • Tweet and Message exchange for Game Centre Session, and more.
  • Audio Recording, SoundCloud, AudioCopy
    • Record TNR-i 2-mix output and share it on SoundCloud.
    • Copy&Paste audio files between iOS apps (AudioCopy)
  • User Voice, Sampling, Simple Edit, Import
    • Assign your own waves to user voice 1,2,3. Each wave max is 5 seconds.
    • Record waves using iPhone/iPad built in mic.
    • Easy wave editing function (trimming, normalizing)
    • TENORI-ON User Voice Manager file (.tnw) is compatible.
    • Available 3 sample files.
    •  Loading the file: From the menu (touch the display), touch Preference menu, touch User Voice Settings, touch User1, touch File mark (right, bottom), and then select 01_Voice, 02_Synth, or 03_SE.
  • Game Centre Session — Twitter, Message exchange
    • Twitter posting is available at the beginning of the session.
    • Message exchange, like a chatting, is available during the session.
    • Can select to start or stop the session from the menu.
  • Other
    • WIST (Wireless Sync Start Technology) is available
    • You can easily make sync start with the other iOS apps that have WIST function.

Note: The update is currently being rolled out and may not yet be available in all areas.

If you’ve updated to Tenori On for iPad version 1.3, let us know what you think of the update!


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