SampleTank 1.1 Now Universal, Adds 4-Track MIDI Recorder

IK Multimedia has released an update to SampleTank for iOS, adding Universal support for the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch, a 4-track recorder &  more.

Here’s what’s new in SampleTank 1.1:

  • Universal app for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch
  • Built-in 4-track MIDI recorder
  • Enhanced drum pads interface
  • More instruments included: 136 (132+4 after registering)
  • More instruments available via in-app purchase for more than 500 total instruments
  • More patterns: now includes more than 1,000 patterns
  • Now compatible with every audio dock

SampleTank is $19.99 in the App Store; additional sound packs are available as in-app purchases.

via ikmultimedia

4 thoughts on “SampleTank 1.1 Now Universal, Adds 4-Track MIDI Recorder

  1. I’m curious if it supports meter changes (including odd-meters) — that is, changing from one meter to another during a track. Also, does it support tempo changes?

    Does it work with network MIDI (via coremidi)?

  2. wow, the “first real professional drum machine” hehe

    i guess what they wanted to say is ” ok guys nearly two years after the ipad release and many years after the iphone was released, we managed to make a drum machine too. yippy”

    oh and: wow !it got in-app purchase, what a big hit for a big company hehe

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