Open Mic: Did ‘Santa’ Bring You Something Nice?

Open Mic:Β For the holidays, my wish is that you have family, health and peace.

And, yes, since it’s Synthtopia, maybe a little gear under the tree, that new app that you’ve been wanting or some great new music….

So, let us know if ‘Santa’ brought you something nice!

Image:Β rthakrar

40 thoughts on “Open Mic: Did ‘Santa’ Bring You Something Nice?

  1. M-Audio Venom from Mrs Santa. Now I just need everybody to leave so I can play it.

    It helps to drop lots of hints and to give her the money!

    1. Tough call.

      Everybody who’s got a OP-1 seems to love it – and the 106 isn’t quite a classic. i’d lean towards the vintage synth, though, because you know it’s going to keep its value.

  2. Cash to buy moog ringmod and cv processor. Plus rack rails for slim phatty, and a 6 channel Peavey mixer. I am very thankful for my family!

  3. Machinedrum with + drive! still waiting on the monotron delay and the monotron duo. any day now…

    does anyone else encounter problems filling out the name/email field when using firefox? They appear blank, even though the field has been filled out. I experience both at home on PC and at work on Linux.

  4. Used a gift certificate to get a Yamaha PIanica (=melodica). “santa” with the brown uniform & truck might bring it tomorrow. Only has one patch, high-res/high-range breath controller, 37-note polyphony. It’ll be my “double & triple tonguing synth”.

  5. An amusing toy optical theremin and several hours of hot monkey sex. Not at the same time, although that could make for a hilarious naughty video.

  6. I got some drum microphones(and al of the accessories like cables, and stand ), a tascam us-1800, Pro Tools 10, a 20” ping ride, and the new Rocksmith game.

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