Arturia Spark Updated

Arturia Spark

Arturia has updated Spark – it’s drum machine app – to version 1.4

The updated Spark 1.4 delivers 50 new kits, created by 5 contemporary producers.

New features and extended usability:

  • Jog Dial – Extended Instrument Navigation.
  • Undo-Redo – Available from the Controller.
  • Extended Latch/Touch Mode on Fx Pad.
  • MIDI out from Spark Software Sequencer, pattern changes and pads to the host.
  • Save function available from Controller.
  • 5 new FX in the mixer (Destroyer, Flanger, Space pan, Sub Generator and Limiter).
  • MIDI Clock in: Spark can be synced to any incoming MIDI clock.
  • Overlay cheat mode Software interface to see all the secondary functions.
See the Arturia site for details.

2 thoughts on “Arturia Spark Updated

  1. This is just a control surface for some lame software.
    Had this piece of rubbish latch on to my machine, showed up everyday as an advert virus.
    Fuck this shit company. Had to go thruy loads of processes to get rid of the software.
    I had to opt out of their wank advertising. I didn’t opt in to start with. Might have come via Thoman.
    Regardless, utter crap marketing strategy, wouldn’y buy fuck all from them even if it was hardware, which it isn’t.

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