Electronic Piano Synthesizer XS Now Available For iPhone

Developer Christian Bacaj has released Electronic Piano Synthesizer for iPhone.

Here’s what Bacaj has to say about Electronic Piano Synthesizer:

The EPS XS gives you possibilities you don´t have with any other Piano, EPiano or Synthesizer on the iPad. You can adjust the sound while you play on the keyboard and hear the changes immediately. That is what you need to tweak your own sounds. The EPS XS is not only for EPiano sounds, you can also make sounds like bass, brass, bells, chimes, toms, vibraphone, synth pads…


  • 32bit float point polyphonic realtime sound engine
  • Core MIDI support
  • Virtual MIDI compatible
  • MIDI Learn
  • background audio support
  • other audio apps can play audio in background
  • 32 library patches to load and save
  • 21 factory preset sounds
  • multiple FX (vibrato, tremolo, delay, tube overdrive)
  • Recorder (up to 6 minutes in 16bit 44.1 kHz)
  • iTunes file sharing
  • copy audio to Pasteboard
  • more than 7 octaves
  • keyboard scrollable
  • simulated touch velocity
  • last session save on closing app
  • fast download and small app file size about 2.0mb

Note: Works on iPhone 4/4S and iPod Touch 4. Generation. Will work limited on iPhone 3GS with only 4 voices and slow GUI but with MIDI.

The developer adds “Other devices aren´t tested yet !!! Please don´t buy if your device is not listed.”

Electronic Piano Synthesizer is $.99 in the App Store.

2 thoughts on “Electronic Piano Synthesizer XS Now Available For iPhone

  1. Another synth that might be interesting but is launched with no demo videos/audio! Maybe the authors could give away a couple copies to people who could make them some promo before launch.

  2. How easy is it to use, i think for most parts these piano and keyboard apps are a gimmick. This one does seem to have a lot of features though, maybe its worth a look.

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