QuNeo MIDI Controller Sneak Preview – Grid Mode & Live Sequencing

Here’s another look at the upcoming QuNeo multi-touch MIDI controller, under development by Keith McMillen Instruments. ┬áHere, the QuNeo is used to sequence a drum track in real time.

Operating in Grid Mode, each corner of a pad represents a different section in an 8 step sequence. Pushing the corner of the pads places a specific drum hit in that step in the sequence. LED feedback ticks the beat and displays drum sequences as they are programmed. FX are controlled by the horizontal sliders, rotaries, and long slider (which uses two finger width to determine the cutoff and cue on a filter).

The QuNeo is currently available for preorder for $249.

2 thoughts on “QuNeo MIDI Controller Sneak Preview – Grid Mode & Live Sequencing

  1. seems like you really have to mash it. one of these next to a launchpad may be really cool, if the response is all right. do expressive stuff on this one one, have the 8×8 just for launching clips!

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