Kontrol Surface 1974 (NAMM Sneak Preview)


Smithson Martin will be introducing Kontrol Surface 1974 at the 2012 NAMM Show.

The Kontrol Surface 1974 is a new Emulator Modular multi-touch controller. It was originally designed as a DJ controller, but you can now build your own custom multi-touch layouts to use with any MIDI software.

They specifically note that Kontrol Surface 1974 supports:

  • DJ – Traktor, Virtual DJ, Torq, Mixvibes, Ableton, Serato (with external mixer), ProDJ, MixMeister
  • Music Production – ProTools, Ableton, Reason, Kore, FL Studio, Sonar, Logic, Acid
  • Video – Resolume, Arkaos, Grand VJ, PCDJ, Virtual DJ, Serato, Modul8, Mixvibes VFX
  • Pro Audio – iLive, Cakewalk, ADK, Soundforge, Yamaha PM5D, Digidesign
  • Lighting – GrandMA, Lightjockey, ShowXpress, Venue Magic

No pricing or specs have been announced. Kontrol Surface 1974 is expected to ship in Feb 2012.  We’ll have details as they become available.

14 thoughts on “Kontrol Surface 1974 (NAMM Sneak Preview)

  1. I’m guessing that this will be a terribly overpriced product, much like the last iteration of Kontrol? I can’t imagine that it will be any less than around $1,000, all because of the custom case and software layer. Sure, that sounds TOTALLY reasonable, and will SO succeed. CoughCoughJazzMutantLemurCoughCough!

    Seriously, when I can get a 23″ multi-touch monitor and inexpensive VDJ software, why would I spend that kind of money for this? For just $300 more, I can get the new 27″(!) Lenovo All in One PC with a folding-flat screen and get just about the same thing. In fact, I talked to someone over at the Lemur App company, and they’re looking into offering the Lemur app for Windows.

    If these guys were smart, they’d offer the software layer as a standalone for those of us who need a less-expensive route. Don’t do like Jazz Mutant did and stay behind the pack, fellas. Be smart.

  2. The keyword here is portability. Do you really want to carry your 27″ all-in-one-lenovo around while going to DJ gigs? This is why laptops used to be more expensive than desktops.

  3. Yes, I would be totally okay with taking my All in One around in a nice, padded portfolio case. Then I don’t have to lug around a monitor with a wood box, only one angle, plus a whole laptop as well.

  4. Looks cool…but not in the functional side

    See that picture? He is not looking for the crowd, just for his screen. That’s the way when you work with touch screen systens. Everytime you need to look to the screen, even for a little tweak. Better is the feel of real buttons, knobs, jogs etc in your hands while looking elsewere, no? How to find THAT knob in a plain surface?

  5. I appreciate all your comments guys…

    Eddie, YES, Emulator software will be stand alone for Windows 7 & 8 and OSX.
    All-in-one computer touch screens suck…We have tested them all.

    ADSR – Yes, we hope the hardware technology will catch up so we can offer this product at a much lower price. The problem is, the quality of touch screens just is NOT up to useable standards yet. (Except ours!)

    Joerg – The KS-1974 was designed to be portable. In fact, it comes with a custom rolling UDG bag that fits within airline “Carry-On” guidelines…..AND….there is a place to put your laptop in the bag too.

    Martinez, The videos were shot with DJ booths that were entirely too low. They were normal table height, NOT proper height for a DJ…Having said that, you will have to try this before you comment. Most DJ’s stare at their computers now anyway.

    I hope this answers some questions….keep the comments coming, we can’t wait to see how you guys make your custom Emulator layouts!!


    Alan & Pablo

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